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Here is my archive of books!

It has taken a while for me to stock up all the films, series, books and artwork that I love as I really am a fan of alot of things, hope you enjoy! WARNING:THERE IS MATURE CONTENT AHEAD

Perks of Being A Wallflower

This book was one of the first that I had read many times throughout my years in highschool. The book surrounds a boy named Charlie who is undeniably an introverted observationalist. Charlie hardly ever takes a chance to speak to people unless he knows them and the only real excitement we see from him is when he is reading and speaking about the books he reads. You can tell from the start of the book what kind of person Charlie is, a kind, meek, and good natured. As the reader, we are the people he tells everything to, everyone else gets these small pieces of information from his life as he rarely makes things about him. The further we go into the book the more we learn about the burdens Charlie has had to carry. He eventually makes friendships and experiences new things he hoped for with people. The problems arise when we discover things about his past and see how that has effected him in present day. We get to read on and learn more about him as a person and go through all of the traumatic experiences, friendships, romantic relationships and grievences together. At the end of the book you will leave it feeling like you've made a real friend or rather, Charlie has found a friend in you.

Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka

This book was the turning point of my interest in literature around 10th grade. Franz Kafka is a brillaint writer and I hope you check out all of his works including his short stories outside of this one. Metamorphosis is a psychological tale of a man, Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one morning to find he has turned into an insect, or rather, something like an insect. A nasty monstorous creature like a bug. Kafka avoids specific words like these in the book and insetad uses descriptions to create a personal visual of what he would look like.The story surrounds the premise of loneliness, estrangement and hopelessness as the character (like in most of kafkas works) is unsure of what he has to do to complete a certain mission of normalcy an freedom as it seems there is a neverending hell waiting for him. Gregor's work as a salesman seems to be one of the things that are hindering him and making him feel that he really has nothing left after selling everything and anything he can because he feels he has to. We can parallel this character with Franz Kafka himself and I would even go further to say it would be appropriate to classify Gregor as an extension of Kafka.Gregor seems to be enduring a life of shunning and neglect from his family who does not respect his wishes in any way and treat him as if they simply do not mind the state he is in. We can look at Metamorphosis as a dark magical realism novella that reveals alot about Kafka and his viewpoint of his world and his family. Feeling as insignificant and inconvenient as a monstorous insect.

The Castle-Franz Kafka

The Castle is Franz Kafkas last novel and unfinished at that. Simply put this is probably my favorite work from Kafka as it holds the most realistic and accurate parallel to the subconscious mind. In 'The Castle' a man named K has a difficult time getting talking to the villagers of a certain land and gaining access to the castle itself. The more doors K gets himself in, the more paranoid and suspicious the villagers become that K is not supposed to enter or rather that he is not welcome at all. K has a clear mission and continues to pursue it despite all of the opposing force which shows us the persistence Kafka has to uncover whats hidden in his own mind. We are trapped once again in a Kafka-eqsue hellscape that is both neglected of a solution and hidden from purpose.

The Trial- Franz Kafka

Can you tell he is my favorite author yet? Anyways, The Trial is a work from Kafka describing a story about a man going to trial for something he is unaware of. Throughout the novel the main character Josef K struggles with the rigid court and the invisible accusation against him. I suppose you could say this is another personal narrative from Kafka in which he is trying to discover something or shine a light on his reality in the world and if there is such thing as meaning or purpose. This book feels pretty subjective at the end and I can't say how anyone will feel at the end of it all, you can choose to think there is no meaning or purpose in life and it will all be just as difficult if you decide to reject the idea, there is also the second thought which is meaning coming through your own mind, you choose if there is purpose in something and if you decide it, it will be.

Penguin Highway-Tomihiko Morimi

Penguin Highway is a book that stood out for me for quite a while before I read it. I have a fond space for magical realism and the polite division between reality and fantasy. Penguin Highway is about a young boy who loves to learn about the world and everything about it, he has a knack for studying and analyzing what he sees, often referring to himself as extremely intelligent. One day, during his routine studies of the enviornment he sees some penguins hanging around a grassy area near his neighborhood. This occurance is the turning point of the book and an obviously strange event considering the location of the character. This book is filled with fantastical mysteries and events that make question marks go up in your head. I really think that this book and also the animated film is highlighting the unexplainable, the existence of things that we don't have evidence for. We find out that someone has been creating these penguins and even after this discovery there seems to be a whole list of leftover questions for how? and even better why? Penguin Highway is a colorful adventure for people leaning on the fantastical side, people who don't care how the fantasy began, people with a child still living in their hearts.

The Conspiracy Against The Human Race- Thomas Legotti

Okay, this is a dark turn from the last review and I am warning you there is literally nothing positive or fantastical about this book. The Conspiracy Against The Human Race is a horrifyingly nihilistic book about the darker realities of the world and how being alive is actually not that good of an idea . The author sees the people in the world as puppet, a human puppet with a mind and will. The puppets won't see themselves as puppets and consider ourselves as independant when we could not be further from it.The book highlights all of the inconsistencies in our reality like the origin of life and how strange it is that we refer to ourselves as angels or apes but never a puppet. From the start of this book we know he is speaking about our life and the humans on planet earth. He goes deeper and deeper into the obscurities in our society and how meaningless everything truly is from life to death. At the end of this book there is that familiar feeling that nothing truly matters, a purpose, a lack of purpose, life or death, nothing matters because in the end, we are all just puppets.

At Night I Become A Monster-Yoru Sumino

This book is by the author of the well known "I want to eat your pancreas", a book I would also highly fucking reccommend if you want to cry eternally. This book though, is about a highschool boy, Adachi, who turns into a monster at night. One night he turns into a monster at school and one of his classmates sees him. The classmate in mention is "Yano Satsuki", a strnge girl who's emotions are typically regarded as confusing and odd to the other classmates in the highschool. The two young school goers form a relationship and bond through the knowing of what Adachi really is. The more we read into the book the more we learn about the girl Yano Satsuki and the more we question our initial assumptions of her. The way the book is written can make you sort of lose the impact of the ending if you don't read between the lines and try and analyze things for yourself. We find out that Yano has in fact been autistic the entire time we have read the book and we have to deal with the misjudgement of the terms "strange" and "uncomfortable" surrounding her personality as we have completely negated that Adachi is a metaphorical monster as I take it. This book highlights the similarities in people and the choice we have to deny how similiar two people may be depending on our obvious biases and prejudice surrounding certain personalities. At the end of the book I had felt a small shameful cloud hover over me as if I had failed some sort of test, which all in all I consider to be a wonderful thing. I think this book promotes the idea of using perception over judgement and questioning your own perception before you make such a judgement on others as well as asking yourself if you are applying that judgement to everyone, or simply accusing someone under the premise of popularity or idiosyncracies.