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Data log: After Death

It was the end, and I was certain I woudn't survive after this.

S'avan crashed after hours of pondering, thinking, running, and escaping. Falling onto his bed he felt that nostalgic feeling of hopelessness again- just like the other night, a bitter blend of loneliness and pressure. The weight of the fog was simply too much to bare for anyone, especially someone like S'avan, someone without the strength to bare even the slightest of hardships. Spending hours in the shower, he was losing himself inside the heat contemplating over and over-

Where should I go now?

Would there be a place for me in the real world?I'm sure the people outside of this house have moved on from their childhood ages before me. I can't catch up now, I can't. He will always be watching me, even beyond the grave he has eyes, everywhere, anywhere. If I had the courage, to move on, to think colors were enough to keep me here. Small delicate feelings and relationships I won't ever have, was that supposed to keep me here? I think love is what ruined most of my life, the view that love can be anything you want it to be, the idea that love cna be pursued by anyone. Did anyone evr stop to think there are some people restricted from the feeling? It has to be wrong, it's all wrong. I'm getting lost again. If I could choose i'd neglect both my heart and my brain. Uploading to the end now,

ID sequence: I've lost.