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Discord is a platform that I conceptually love and absolutely hate to be apart of. It's extremely hard to find servers that don't adhere to the societal strandards of today while at the same time respecting general human decency and avoiding conversations that literally make me want to blow my brains out. Due to 19-25 year old low lives whom watch too many serial killer docs, have way too much time on their hands and have absolutely no sense of true humor adopting the platform, it's difficult to form a coherent thought in most servers. The channels are either plagued with Bots or the channels have absolutely no rules which means the roleplayers come out of wherever they were hiding to use their favorite golden terms ranging from: Kitty and Daddy to Nigger and Faggot. These terms are of course hurtful and harmful to the general community but more importantly, they're fucking {cringe}. It's honestly beginning to feel like people have 0 wit left in their brains and then resort to saying "if you don't want your feelings hurt you shouldn't be on the internet" to which I say yes, that is true. In addition to that thought, would it be impossible to say I just don't find it funny? The jokes fucking suck dude, that is the most important issue. I don't want to go into a server and see a flood of shitposting and distorted racism memes because if we're being 100% truthful, that is the reason you don't have a girlfriend. In all seriousness though it's just the most annoying thing and it takes away from the seriousness of the platform as well, I am only apart of the servers that have a purpose of existing, I don't know what the fuck this bootleg incel culture server shit is


The current state of the queer community, including the transgender community and any related topics (gender identity and pronoun usage), has to be one of the worst things to come out of this quinquennial. Neopronouns are now accepted as the norm especially on the web and current platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat etc. The general idea surrounding pronouns and the use of them is something I am not denying nor trying to change, in fact it is quite the opposite. In this case I would like to highlight rather, how ridiculous it is to pressure and bully someone with your newly found pronouns (100+ currently) and hide that tyrannical personality underneath the merit of "identity" and liberalism. It's radical to say the least. If I am somehow transphobic for not wishing to call a 12 year old Bunny or ignore the word "human" because people have a hard time facing reality well then so be it at this point. Teenagers are especially impressionable throughout the stages of puberty and young adulthood, going through this stage it is very easy considering the climate of our current society, to become obsessed with a certain idea no matter what that idea be. Denying that this is cult thinking and propaganda is something only the people who, A. are in this community themselves or B. are people who desire the hero title and only want queer people to like them, would do. I have no problem whatsoever with people sorting out their identity for themselves, however, that is completely different than considering being queer your only personality trait and the main topic of every conversation as well as rejecting any opposing idea and suggesting that people in the LGBTQ+ community are somehow superior because they identify as something outside of the norm which now at least in the US isn't even an applicable argument anymore.


This is a topic I have wanted to write about for a long time. I wrote before about the obsession with the idea/concept of something and how impactful that can be, imagine that being packaged for you as something thats both trendy and popular? Hard for any person trying to discover their identity to resist right? When you scroll on these platforms and they blast you with symptoms and possibilities that you could have BPD, Schizophrenia, Schizotypal, Major Depressive Disorder etc it always seems to be a common thread that the personality disorders in mention are ones you would obviously get sympathy for. This isn't to say that in reality people with the disorders I mentioned could not in fact have terrible habits and behaviors in fact this is highlighting that premise. For example, I have yet to see Histrionic, Narcissistic, Psyopathic and Sociopathic disorders become trending as a self diagnosis. In fact this is very strange when we have a further look and find that there are more people with these disorders than most of the ones people drastically diagnose themselves with. A mental disorder is not something that just appears in your life if you wish it to. The people using social media today have a real habit of forming into the victim in any situation without any real logic or genuine perspective from outside sources that prove them to be so. Now i'm not referring to depression or anxiety or common illnesses that typically don't have to be diagnosed by a professional. The disorders in conversation today are disorders that I can gurantee you, from proven personal experience, cannot be created out of thin air on impulse. Stop treating mental illness like it's an aesthetic, people who actually have mental illness understand that it can come in both a victim and a predatory form. Mental illness will never be "cool"


To consider and accept the lifestyle of believing any person simply due to them being a woman is in itself, a disservice to girls, young ladies and women on this planet. Being a woman does not clarify that you are a good person in any way. The feminists of today support the argument that we should believe any person who claims they are a victim simply because they say so without practicing this same logic on the boys and men of our society. This proves two things, that the feminist movement has gone far beyond the idea of "equality" and that the movement has begun to detach themselves from men in general. The character of women is surrounded now around the idea that women can do anything they want to, not because they wish to do it but because they're women. Now all we see in films and shows and media in general is women who are potrayed as the best of the best at every single thing. This does another major disservice to women on this planet because that way of thinking is blatantly ignoring women who don't fit in that category. There are plenty of types of women on this planet and there are a large majority that are average people. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. There has to be levels of people everywhere you go or you wouldn't be able to depict people as "the best". With this way of thinking you are suggesting that only women who are: Strong, Sexy, Bold, and Men Haters, deserve the respect of the women around them.


We've reached a point where pointing out the clear difference in struggles between communities is considered the opression olympics. When you introduce these differences in the conversation everything takes a pivot shift from empathy and understanding to ridicule and undermining. To consider that black people have struggled at an equal level to other communities is not only a ridiculous argument but further, a neglect of basic history. If we look into something as surface level as the system of voting we will find that women were given the right to vote in the 20's whereas black people in general were given the right to vote (freely) around 1965. This is something that is not regarded as a major issue in comparison to the hate crimes, poverty, and general treatment of the black community. We are currently being used as a blanket to cover and add volume to each movement we are apart of. While some communities were pondering identity, equality for women and choices of aesthetic, black people were waiting on the hope to be attached to US land in any way shape or form, including being counted in the US consensus. To deny these points and the drastic impact they had years after slavery would be closing your eyes to everyones struggles but your own. This also proves selective empathy and concern in contrast with the events of the Holocaust in which around 6 million jewish people were murdered whereas the transatlantic slave trade has recorded somewhere around 1.8 million deaths on the journey to US soil alone. Comparing the length of World War 1 which lasted 5 years, to the years of (recorded) slavery and segregation, we reach a number of about 500 years. We have no idea how many lives were taken during the time of slavery so we are left with both a quarter of our American history and a fraction of our original population. These are only a few reasons why I refuse to attach myself to modern movements as most of them refuse to show an equal level of empathy and motivation for change toward the perception of black people in America. These are the more serious issues regarding this topic disregarding the less "important" ones such as the use of "blaccent" and the refinancing and repackaging of black ideas and concepts including fashion, music, film and writing.


At some point, the interweb was looked at for, exactly what it is, a wide and open platform to share thoughts, media and information. From that perspective, the internet never appeared to have a moral filter, as for the most part, if you didn't enjoy something you stumbled upon, you could just well, click off of it. Throughout the last 5 or some years, the interweb has become increasingly more dictative of how you should express yourself. There is quite a difference in saying there's something you shouldn't say and saying there are things you must say. From the perspective of many people on the internet today, it seems everyone feels the need to become an ally for some community of some sort, feeling the need to advocate for random acts of supposed justice. Let's further explore that logic then, shall we? If in theory, these random acts of justice on the interweb truly will help the collective, do people genuinely think, everyone using the platforms on the internet, will bend to their will simply due to a little pressure or in worse cases, harassment? I find that the forcing of this is also like the forcing of the ideology regarding pronoun usage. Yes, it would be kind of people to use them if they see fit and are not trying to offend certain parties/individuals. That said, it is not in any way, a moral obligation to do so. You are responsible for your own choices and perception of the world, forcing that on other people is nothing short of delusional and unrealistic. In modern day, this policing of behaviors and need for "inclusion" or appeasing, is quite ridiculous to me. There will never be a time where you don't offend some party of people. Trying to reach that point or rather, forcing that idea on others, is clearly a self righteous and disingenuos act for attention. Diving into some examples, we can bring into account the idea that there should be a trigger warning on everything on the internet. Going on the internet should be your trigger warning. It's the internet. You should know on the most basic level there are offensive and extreme things on an open platform, it's incredibly exhausting trying to explain this to people who think they can create social reform through technology. People are even more extreme on the internet considering you cannot see the people posting the things they do, that's exactly why people do it. This isn't to say there aren't things that are clearly cruel/offensive on the internet that shouldn't be there but, it seems to me that, unless these things are severely offensive to the point where it's blatantly obvious, people should not be taking hours of their time trying to get things taken down. Find something else to do instead of attaching the people with these struggles to your need to be recognized as some ally of justice. People with depression know different things can trigger them, people with epilepsy understand things can trigger them to have seizures, people with ED understand things can trigger their eating pattern, stop pretending like these people don't understand the way the internet works. Using that community to justify your new found ethics and patting yourself on the back is the most pathetic thing I have seen in modern day. I've struggled with depression for more than a decade I can tell you, it wouldn't make one ounce of sense trying to get everyone on the internet to rearrange the way they speak about things to stop me from being depressed, or to avoid "triggering" me as people would say. The world is triggering. Noone is responsible for your defects and disorders, that is something we all must work out ourselves and promote people to seek council and growth with. Society as a whole, is not your therapist nor your doctor. The theory that if people on the internet are as careful as possible, it will somehow help with things as serious as mental ilness? you must not understand how serious defects/disorders work. Pause the internet vigilant identity for a moment and ask yourself if what you're doing even makes sense or futhermore, if it even helps the people with these issues.

Final Disclaimer:

if it wasn't obvious, i'm black. P.S if you aren't shaking with anger right now or feeling completely "triggered", congrats, you are based